• NeoGraft® is a first FDA approved hair follicle extraction and implantation automated system.
  • Provides least invasive procedure with natural results and fast recovery period.
  • Suitable for men and women suffering from genetic hair loss.
  • It is a hand held device used for extracting and implanting the hair follicles from the donor area to the recipient area using pneumatic controls.
  • No stitch or cut is required as it follows the FUE technique.
  • The grafts are automatically collected in a receiver flask from where they can be transplanted by NeoGraft device automatically or manually. Grafts are then implanted in the bald area with the help of the device.
  • The biggest advantage with this technique is minimal handling of the grafts and therefore less trauma to the grafts.
Hair Transplant using Neograft
Hair Transplant using Neograft


  • Robotic hair transplant is an advanced technique of hair transplant performed by automated system using Follicular Unit Extraction method (FUE).
  • Robotic hair transplant uses a robotic system ARTAS®.
  • It has an imaging system having two cameras which scans the donor area for the exit angles, density of the hair and follicles.
  • The highly developed algorithms are the brains of the robot which controls the extraction of the laser targeted follicles.
  • The robotic system has two arms equipped with needles and punches to score out the follicles from the scalp.
  • The system is under the control of the Operating Surgeon through a user interface. The donor area is selected and marked by the surgeon.
  • The follicular extraction is done using robotic techniques so as to reduce the incidence of injury to the follicles.
  • The hair is dyed if there is significant number of grey hair because the robot cannot detect the grey hair.
  • The surgeon program the robotic arm for the extraction of grafts from the donor area keeping in view the angle and the direction of hair.
  • The patient is made to sit leaning his head forward on a head rest and the robotic arm scans the donor area and extracts the follicular units individually from the back and sides of the scalp.
  • After extraction from the donor area antibiotic ointment are applied and dressing is done on the wounded donor area.
  • The grafts are placed in a holding solution later to be inserted in the recipient area.
  • The extracted grafts are further cut into smaller units of 1-2 hair if they are large under a microscope.
  • The recipient site is prepared by the surgeon with 18-21 G needles, though sometimes it is also prepared using the robotic system. The surgeon aesthetically prepares the site by setting the angle and deciding the distribution of the grafts.
  • The grafts are inserted by the surgical team in the preformed slits keeping in view the angle and direction of the hair for natural looks.
  • The insertion of grafts to the recipient areas by the robotic arm is still under investigatory stages. It will take still two more years time for using in patients.
  • The technique reduces the time and increases the speed of extraction of the follicles.
  • Though the automated systems help in scoring the follicles with speed and effortlessness, yet it is the operating surgeon whose skill and expertise matters the most.

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