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Hair is the defining feature of one’s face and sets its limit. The personality and the elegance of the person are reflected through their hair. Mostly baldness is related with men and all the importance is given to them in comparison women are not taken seriously about their complaint of hair loss. It is very disheartening and distressing to lose hair not only for men but even more for women. The fear of looking unattractive can cause indirectly lot of emotional and physical problems. Hair loss should be given appropriate importance by treating physicians to boost their patient’s morale and enhance the aesthetic looks.

Reason for Hair Loss

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Side effect of drugs
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Heredity
  • Various drug therapies
  • Health issues
  • Hormones
  • Radiations
  • Diseases of scalp etc.

Treatment for Hair Loss

There are some solutions that address the problem but many are still years away from becoming available as a best hair loss treatment for men. So here’s the lowdown on which baldness solutions available now are truly effective and how our clinic is best for hair loss treatment for men in Delhi, Manipur and Kolkata.

Medical Therapy

Many formulations are available in the market for hair loss. Some act by increasing the blood flow of the scalp, some act by inhibiting the enzyme activities which are responsible for hair fall and some act by promoting the growth of the resting hair follicles.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy: The PRP is separated out from the patient’s own blood concentrated and injected in the scalp for promoting hair growth. It has several growth factors which activate the growth of hair follicle by stimulating the stem cells in the follicles and other surrounding cells. The effect is visible after three months.

Hair Transplant

Permanent solution for hair fall is hair transplant or hair grafting in which the follicles are extracted from the area where the hair density is more and shifted to the bald or thin density area. The number of hair follicles remains same altering the density of the donor and graft area. Transplant is more effective in Male Pattern Baldness type of thinning, as the donor area that is about an inch above the nape of the neck has more dense growth, however, in case of all over thinning it becomes difficult to find a donor area. The procedure is carried out under local anesthesia and takes about few hours depending on the number of grafts. transplanted hair shed after 3-4 days and new hair grow. The result is visible after few months. Various surgical techniques are used for hair transplant.

hair loss treatment for men


Androgenic alopecia (AGA):

Baldness occurs due to gradual loss of hairs from the crown area, it is known as male pattern baldness (MPB) but in females it is called as female pattern of baldness (FLPB). The hair follicles are miniaturized within the follicular unit i.e. hair shaft is gradually reduced in diameter, pigmentation and length during the process of baldness. The terminal hair are gradually transformed into indeterminate hair and finally convert into vellus hair.

Reasons for hair loss in AGA:

Androgenic alopecia is a genetic disorder which is expressed after puberty in males. Hair loss is due to the conversion of hormones into metabolites by the enzymes present in the follicles. Testasterone (T) is converted to its more active metabolite dihydrotestasterone (DHT) in the presence of an enzyme 5- alpha reductase II (5-AR-II). High levels of Testasterone and DHT in the frontal and temporal area are the main factors of Alopecia. Use of 5-AT-II inhibitors help in blocking the formation of DHT and reduces hair fall and promotes the growth of miniaturized hair follicles.

Male pattern baldness(MPB) or Androgenic alopecia in males:
The baldness may be due to hereditary reasons or hormonal problem. Male pattern baldness is characterized by receding hair line on temples forming a characteristic ‘M’ Shape. Baldness in males is graded according to Norwood scale.
Male Hair Loss Pattern

Alopecia Areata

Hair loss is seen in usually round patches. It is an autoimmune disorder, the defense mechanism of the body targets its own follicles mistaking them for invaders. The reason of such event is not known. The hair may not grow or regrow and fall again. In some hair may grow and never fall again. There is no treatment for this condition; however, the doctors give some medications for treating other hair disorders.

Cicatricial Alopecia

This is also known as scarring alopecia. It is a rare condition that destroys the hair follicle creating a scar tissue and causing permanent hair loss. The scar is not visible on the scalp it is underneath the skin. The reason for such type of baldness is not very well understood. But mostly in all such baldness inflammation occurs in the above part of the follicles where sebaceous glands and stem cells are present. When sebaceous glands and stem cells are destroyed the hair follicle will be permanently destroyed. The patient may have symptoms of inflammation like redness, pain, itching etc. The condition can be seen both in men and women without involvement of family history. However there is an exceptional central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia which is seen in women of African ancestry. Excessive traction and use of harsh relaxers, tight braids, heavy extensions, specific oils, gels, dyes etc. can cause central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia. Topical steroids, immunomodulators, 5-alpha reductase inhibitors are prescribed for central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia.

Excessive Styling

An intricate hair style, tight ponytails, cornrows produce lot of traction which may cause traction baldness or traction alopecia. The hairline recedes due to excessive pulling. Letting hair loose may help in preventing hair loss.

Hormonal Dis-Balance

Any hormonal change whether due to contraceptive pills or due to poly-cystic ovary syndrome, thyroid or any other reason affects the growth of hair.

Women also secret testosterone from their ovaries and adrenal glands which reaches the blood where some of it binds with the serum hormone binding globulin leaving low levels of free testosterone. The balance between the free testosterone and its metabolite is lost. The increased level of its metabolite causes hair loss. The contraceptive pills prevent ovulation and increase the amount of serum hormone binding globulin which forms the metabolite and cause hair loss.

Excess or less thyroid hormone may affect growth of hair together with other disease related symptoms. Treatment of thyroid disorder might help in reducing hair fall.

Hair growth is enhanced in pregnancy due to increased levels of estrogen. But after delivery the hormone levels return to normal thereby resulting in significant hair loss. The hair fall stops once the hormonal level is normalized.


Medicines for heart problem, blood pressure, etc. may cause hair fall which might stop once the medication is stopped. Chemotherapy in cancer patients effects hair follicles and great hair loss is seen. This is reversible the hair grows back once the therapy is over.

Fungal Infection

Fungal infection causes round itchy patches that are contagious and may be seen in other family members. Anti fungal substances may be effective in treating the bald patch.

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