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Hair Transplant in Severe Baldness

By January 4, 2018Blog
Hair Transplant before and after in severe baldness

This young male is having severe baldness and he will be classifiedas Norwood grade VI or VII. When he came our clinic he was depressed and pessimistic and he would attribute to his hair loss for his agony. In this kind of cases, complete coverage is difficult because of non availability of donor hairs. But in many cases we can achieve a near complete coverage using beard and body donor hairs. In addition to this, scalp micropigmentation (SMP) can improve the look even further.
In the above patient with severe baldness, we transplanted 10545 grafts. Donor hairs were harvested from scalp, beard and chest area. The division is as follows:

  • Scalp Hairs – 2700
  • Beard Hair Follicle – 4600
  • Chest Hair Follicle – 3245

The result shown here is 5 months follow up. There is complete transformation. His outlook has become very positive. He has come out his shell and presently is doing very professionally.

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