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Giga sessions hair transplant using Body hair transplant

By February 16, 2019Blog

There has been a gradual evolution in the technique of hair transplantation from strip technique (FUT) to Follicular unit extraction (FUE). Presently both techniques are prevalent but there is a definite trend towards the acceptance of Follicular unit extraction as the method of choice for graft harvest technique. In FUE technique, the hair transplant surgeon extracts the hair grafts from the back of the scalp using punches without any linear cut and stitches.

The need for Giga Sessions
At Orange Tree, one of the best hair transplant clinics in Delhi, we perform hair transplant in ‘Giga Sessions’ which is a preferable technique for severe grades of baldness. A large number of grafts is required to fill the bald areas. In such cases, the number of grafts available from the back of the scalp is insufficient to provide the required number of grafts to cover the entire scalp.

The next level of advancement in hair transplant surgery came from the idea that body hair follicles can be used to add the number of hair follicles. So, whenever the patient requires a Giga session (more than 4000 hair follicles) in one go, an expert body hair transplant surgeon finds it pretty easy as there is no limitation of hair grafts.
Dr. Sajal Halder who performs body hair transplant in Delhi, utilizes the hair follicles from beard, chest, back of torso, axilla, pubic area and the limbs. Body hair extraction requires highest level surgical skills he started this technique only after mastering the scalp FUE harvesting technique. Body hair transplant requires a lot of technical modifications and specialized punches. The procedure takes a longer time to complete and the cost of body hair transplant is a little higher than the cost of scalp hair FUE.

Who needs Giga Sessions?

The other group of patients (apart from the severe baldness) requiring body hair transplant are scarring alopecia and donor depletion.

Planning is crucial
The texture and growth of body hair is a little different form of scalp hair. So, the body hair has to be nicely mixed with scalp hair while implanting the follicles in the bald area. The planning of body hair transplant has to be done in the beginning so that we achieve the best hair transplant. Best hair restoration surgeon will be able to deliver excellent hair transplant result by a good density of hair and proper mixing of different follicles. At Orange Tree, we are routinely covering entire scalp baldness (front and crown) using 6000-10000 grafts in multiple sessions.

Beard Hair can be the best choice
Beard area which often extends onto the neck is a rich source of the hair. We often observe strong body hair in severe androgenetic alopecia. Commonly, we can harvest around 1500-2500 from beard region below the jawline. Sometimes the beard hair extractions can reach up to 6000 in multiple sessions. Beard transplantation into scalp is very common in advanced baldness treatment and the result speaks for itself.

If you still have any questions related to body hair transplant or Giga sessions, you can reach out to us at or call +91-98681-68310.

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