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Cost of hair transplant, is it the only factor you should check before selecting the center for hair transplant?

Sunny, a 26 year old young male, with baldness grade V/VI, walked into orange tree clinic after couple of telephonic discussion on hair transplant. In fact he was just talking about pricing before he dropped in at our centre. He came along with his friend who has undergone FUE hair transplant procedure by Dr. Sajal Halder 6 months back. Sunny took a detailed consultation from Dr. Halder, hair transplant surgeon at orange tree. It was quite surprising to note that he was least interested in the details of the procedure and the technical modification that was routinely been carried out in FUE (Follicular unit extraction) at orange tree. At the end of the detailed briefing by Dr.Halder, he was worried about the cost of hair transplant. His only question was “what’s the total cost to fill my bald areas”. Orange tree hair transplant never give a vague statement like “we will give the maximum number of hair grafts possible” and the package for the maximum grafts is “x” amount. We always make a rough estimate of the bald area and graft number is accordingly calculated keeping a density of 30-45 grafts per square centimeter. We try to give a high density in the front and crown area. But Sunny was not interested in all these.

He just said “complete my whole job with “x” amount” because some other clinic has offered acomplete coverage in one session with that “x” amount. Dr. Halder repeatedly insisted that his grade of baldness ( grade V/VI) required at least two session of hair transplant and graft requirement will cost him at least one and half times of “x” amount.

Sunny came back after a week saying that the same other clinic has offered a better package on hearing that sunny had a consultation at Orange tree and tried to bargain even further. Sunny failed to understand how he has been manipulated in some other clinic where total graft number was of least concern. As a well informed patient, cost is important but not at the cost of follicles survival. Good clinics with state of the art instrumentation, facility, experienced and qualified surgeon, experienced hair transplant team cannot bring down the cost beyond a certain level so that result is best. We want the least transaction of follicles and best survival of follicles. Each follicle is precious and priceless, so think ten times before putting cost as the only criteria before selecting the hair transplant procedure for yourself. Dr. Halder finally operated Sunny only because his friend persuaded him with his excellent hair transplant result.

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