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Hair Transplant Surgery

The Ultimate Checklist For a Hair Transplant Surgery

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No one likes to look into the mirror and see a receding hairline or a bald head. Over time with continued hair loss, we don’t feel good about our appearance anymore and develop lower self-esteem which further causes a negative impact on our lives.

There comes a point in everyone’s life when we start to seek effective solutions to hair loss problem. For many, a head full of hair is the ultimate goal. And, hair transplantation is the most potent method to restore the hair. So, if you have been looking for the best baldness treatment, this article is a must read for you. Hair transplantation is a surgical method which provides a permanent solution to treat androgenic alopecia or genetic baldness. With cutting edge technology, effective hair transplant procedures, and best trichologists in Delhi patients are fortunate enough to be able to manifest a head with dense hair once again. The two popular techniques of hair transplants are:

● FUT: Follicular Unit Transplantation is the procedure in which a part of the scalp with the thickest hair is chosen as a donor site. A strip of hair is taken from the donor area and each hair is individually transplanted into the area that needs coverage.
● FUE: Follicular Unit Extraction is the most preferred method. During the surgery, hair grafts are extracted and implanted in the bald area. In this, extraction and implantation occur simultaneously.

The decision to commence on a hair transplant journey is a major one, and we understand that the patients have a number of concerns. So here we are listing some of the most important factors that you should consider before opting for a hair transplant surgery.

1. Expertise and Experience of Trichologist Hair transplant surgeon:
The foremost thing to consider before any surgery is the expertise and experience of the surgeon, hair transplant is no exception. The result of the hair transplant largely depends upon two factors: skills of the surgeon and post-operative care. Check the accreditation, years of experience in performing a particular type of hair transplant surgeries (like FUT, FUE or both), go through the online patient reviews to get an idea about the
competence of the surgeon at the chosen clinic. Dr. Sajal Halder is a board certified Plastic surgeon with a long surgical career at AIIMS has more than two decades of experience in performing hair transplants and also has a very high success rate.
2. The Hair Transplant Clinic: This is in line with the reputation of the hair transplant surgeon. Along with determining the reputation of the surgeon, it is imperative to consider the standing of the clinic. The hair transplant clinic must be equipped with facilities for monitoring and handling emergencies. Latest sterilisation technique for instrument and operating theatre is a must. A well-facilitated and easily accessible clinic is highly recommended. Similarly, at Orange Tree Health we have a team of expert hair transplant surgeon, trained technicians and support staff.
Orange tree also does Neograft hair transplant technique.
3. Surgical Procedure: FUT and FUE, both the procedures differ from one another in terms of the technique, duration, and cost. When you decide to undergo hair transplantation, your surgeon will tell you about the suitable surgical option. Inquire about the procedure in detail and prepare yourself for the outcome and cost to be incurred.
4. Complications and Risks: When performed by experienced surgeons, the surgery is extremely safe. But, the possibility of complications and
risks cannot be ruled out completely. Therefore, it is crucial to know about the potential risks associated with a particular hair transplant method and to decide accordingly. One must also discuss in detail about their medical history with the surgeon before undergoing any type of treatment.
5. Pre and Post Medical Care: For effectiveness of the procedure and permanent rewards, pre and post-operative care is mandatory. Depending upon the method of hair transplant, your surgeon will advise you about the precautions to take before and after the surgery. One must adhere to the given guidelines to enable quick recovery and great results.
6. Cost Of The Surgery: Cost of the surgery must be considered but it should not be the sole deciding factor. It is advised to also evaluate the long term benefits and successful track record of the surgeon along with the cost.
7. Importance of existing donor follicles: Donor hair follicle is limited. So if there is a failed hair transplant, the follicle is lost forever and hair follicle is irreplaceable. So, whenever one is looking for hair transplant, the success of hair transplant is very important rather than the cost. If the cost is low but many hair follicle doesn’t grow the you are losing priceless hair follicle and will be spending more in the redo procedure.

Keep these important pointers in mind and your Hair Transplant Surgery will fetch you highly satisfying results.

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