Revision Hair Transplant

With the advancement of Hair Restoration and specifically Hair Transplant, there is ever increasing demand of Revision Hair Transplant. Hair Transplant has come a long way in establishing itself as a technique of Hair Restoration. However, with more number of people undergoing hair transplant through Strip or FUE technique, more are number of people are undergoing revision hair transplant.

Analysis of unfavorable result can be categorized into:

  1. Error in Judgement
  2. Error in Technique

Error in judgment can happen when the progressive nature of hair loss is ignored. It can also happen if hair transplant is done at very early age and ignoring the front temporal angle.

Error technique includes:

  • Plug graft, used in the past is a big source of problem.
  • Improper angulation of grafts, poor graft preparation and selection, poor donor site closure and faulty hairline design.

How to correct it:


  • Faulty hairline poor design, improper angulation of hair, unnatural look. We always try to give irregular of hair line with some asymmetry using single follicle unit for hairline and temple region.
  • Wide donor Scar in a previously on strip technique. Solution to this problem can be achieved with trichophytic scar revision technique, hair transplantation or recently use of scalp micro pigment.
  • Poorly reconstructed vertex. Angulations and reconstruction of the whorl at the vertex is very important.
  • Plug Grafting: Plug graft if present in the hairline area is removed and hairline is recreated using single and double follicle unit graft. Plug graft in the top follicle unit between the punch grafts can camouflage it.


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