Mesotherapy for Hair Loss

The technique is used to deliver a cocktail of homeopathic drugs, vitamins, nutrients, plant extracts etc. into the skin as close as to the problem area.

About Mesotherapy

  • Hair loss is the major concern for most of the people whether old or young.
  • Baldness or Hair loss can be controlled using this procedure and the need of hair transplant can be delayed, postponed or eliminated.
  • A readymade mixture of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, drugs, growth factors, etc. is injected at multiple sites in the scalp in bald areas or thin density areas.
  • To avoid pain local anesthetic ointment can be given. Field block with local anaesthesia can also be administered to reduce the pain further.
  • The procedure lasts for about 15 minutes and patient is free to move after 5-10 minutes.
Mesotherapy for Hair Loss
Precautions: No head wash for 12 hours.
Sittings & Follow Up: The mesotherapy sessions is done every one month for 6-8 sittings. Six to eight sittings may be required.

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